The HIRCOM High-Reliable Half-Duplex cost effective sub-system for communications link over UHF band between space and ground segments with software control interface and support. They are compatible with the CubeSat standard with a CubeSat Kit PC/104 and with customizable connectors on demand. Hircom is high reliability and radiation resilient.

Who are we?

Located in multidisciplinary space center CSUM, with industries, laboratories, covers 150 m², and includes a gamma sources installation and electronics laboratory. Thanks to strong and long-term collaboration with CSUM and members of Van Allen foundation, we develop a reliable electronic for space embedded missions. Our First product is an TMTC card, HIRCOM© with high reliability and radiation tolerant components for securing transmission operations

Why Us ?

Hircom by TRAD is located in Montpellier, we offer a HIRCOM High-Reliable Half-Duplex cost-effective sub-system and in the long term we wish to establish ourselves on the New-space market as a Manufacturer of high reliability components for cubesat & small satellites and since the creation of HIRCOM we have established a partnership with the CSU of Montpellier.

Why us ? because we are constantly developing highly reliable, cost effective and radiation resistant products..