The HIRCOM High-Reliable Half-Duplex cost effective sub-system for communications link over UHF band between space and ground segments with software control interface and support. They are compatible with the CubeSat standard with a CubeSat Kit PC/104 and with customizable connectors on demand. Hircom is high reliability and radiation resilient.

Who are we?

Established in 1994, TRAD Tests & Radiations is an independent company providing a high level of service for all tests, calculations and analysis services. Its core business is the testing and analysis of radiation effects on materials, components and electronic systems.

Located in Labège business area since 2000, our facility covers 1,300 m², and includes a gamma and electronics laboratory. Thanks to constant human and material investment, we pursue a strategy of innovation and long-term development.

Why Us ?

Hircom by TRAD is located in Montpellier, we offer a HIRCOM High-Reliable Half-Duplex cost-effective sub-system and in the long term we wish to establish ourselves on the New-space market as a Manufacturer of high reliability components for cubesat & small satellites and since the creation of HIRCOM we have established a partnership with the CSU of Montpellier.

Why us ? because we are constantly developing highly reliable, cost effective and radiation resistant products..